How to get Podcast and YouTube to MP3 Player
Are you a music fan? Listening to tons of songs is a really wonderful way to kill spare time. The MP3 format has been published for such a long time that nearly all of the portable devices (MP3 player: iRiver, Rio 900, RioVolt SP250, Nakamichi SoundSpace 2; iPod, Zune, iPhone, cell phone, etc.) available nowadays support MP3 music. Some of the players also support WMA, but MP3 is the most popular format among all other audio formats. I here would like to share my experience about searching MP3 files for iPod and MP3 player via iTunes and YouTube.

  1. Parter One: Transfer iTunes Podcast to iPod and MP3 player

Podcast is a derivation from "iPod" and "broadcast". A podcast episode is generally in MP3 format. Fortunately, it is not just for iPod, i.e you can use podcast resource for your MP3 player too. If you have installed iTunes, you can download audio files onto computer or transfer them to your iPod or MP3 player. Most of the episodes are free, such as NPL, CNET, PC World Podcast. However, some are available for sale. Getting the podcasts download to your iTunes is very easy.

1. Launch iTunes, click iTune Store section under Store, and click Podcasts inside the iTunes Store. To get the audio file only, click Audio Podcasts under the Categories section.
itunes_audio_podcast,youtube to mp3

2. Find the subject you want, or simply search iTunes Store.

3. Click GET EPISODE and iTunes starts downloading the audio file for you. You may notice the Downloads section appear in the Store list. The Downloads section will disappear when all the files are completely downloaded. Click SUBCRIBE for the podcast if you want to get the recent episodes available for download and future episodes.
get_podcast_episode,youtube to mp3

4. You will find the episode in the Podcasts playlist under the library list.

For iPod users, you can directly load podcast episodes onto iPod via iTunes. If you are using iPod nano, iPod classic, you can click Sync under the Podcasts tab which will be available when you connect iPod to iTunes on your computer. If you are using iPod Shuffle, you can only manually load the podcast episodes. Just deselect Sync, and drag podcast episodes from Podcasts playlist your iPod icon in iTunes window.

For non-iPod users, you can find the files on your computer and transfer them to your MP3 player. Click Podcasts playlist and select one of the episodes, choose "Get info" from the right-click list. Find Where section under the Summary tab. According to the file path, you will find the all the downloaded episodes. Connect MP3 player with your computer using USB, and then transfer the audio podcast to MP3 player.
get_mp3,youtube to mp3

  1. Parter Two: Get YouTube to MP3 player

There are also some other sites with MP3 music like, Napster, Amazon, eMusic and so on. If you do not get what you want on the above mentioned sites, you may also try YouTube is a video site. Indeed. However, you can get the audio from video. For an online video file, just an application to rip audio from YouTube video or a converter to get the sound in audio format is enough. I prefer free staff, and a free online converter is great for me. Both and are online FLV converters.

When converting with, I have to wait until the conversion is completed, and the page sometimes still stuck, as if it is down. Well, a solution is to open another page for

For, even if I have to wait an email for the MP3 file, I can use it for my next conversion immediately. Despite of the step to check email, I prefer to convert youtube to MP3 with You can also use it for converting YouTube to iPod, as many formats are available. Here is how I use to get MP3 from YouTube video.

1. Get the YouTube URL for the audio you want to get. The URL information is available on the right of the video page.
youtube_url,youtube to mp3

2. Connect to Paste the YouTube URL to the URL box when you see the "01".

3. Move your mouse pointer to the "Convert the online video" tab, and you will see "02" and "03".

4. Choose MP3 (Audio only) in "02" and enter email address in "03".

5. Click "Submit".
convert youtube to mp3
The only thing left is to wait for the email. When you get several YouTube URLs for the music, just paste a URL and choose format and click to submit.

6. Download the MP3 songs from the emails to your computer and sync with your iPod via iTunes or transfer to your MP3 player via USB.

Enjoy your journey with MP3 music on MP3 player, Windows Mobile, cell phones, iPod, iPhone, and so on.