How to download and convert youtube/flv video freely with convertdirect
Do you want to get a clean computer without massive applications? Do you want a steady OS? Do you need the privilege to install applications? Do you want to get rid of applications with other plug-in or virus? Do you want to get free service? is a site with free resources. You can not only download FLV videos, but also get the video to play on your gadget. Here you can get how to use with the Download and Convert sections.


Section 1: Download YouTube FLV video

When you want to save an online video to your PC, facilitates the download process.


1. Make sure that the video is an FLV video.
Generally speaking, when you face a video with fancy or colorful control bar, like YouTube, DailyMotion, MySpace, etc you can take it as an FLV video. You may also right click on the player. If the menu includes About Adobe Flash Player 9, it is mostly likely an FLV video. If not, it is not suitable for
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2. Get FLV URL.

  1. There are two kinds of URLs for, one is YouTube URL, and the other is non-YouTube URL.
  2. For the YouTube URL, just copy the URL from the address bar or the URL information beside the video.
  3. For the non-YouTube URL, you shall get the exact FLV URL with FLV Downloader.

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Click Show Browser and enter the page URL with the video you want, e.g. and click Go. You can use it as a simple browser to surf the internet. Make sure the video you want to get is playing. Most websites play video automatically, only a few require you to click on the play button before playing. Wait for a while, check the box in front of the URL and click Download. You will then face a dialog box with the exact FLV URL highlighted.
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Copy and paste it to the box on or just use the FLV Downloader for download. However, if you want to convert FLV video for free, you shall copy and paste it to, as the FLV Downloader does not support free conversion. For more information about FLV URL, please refer to

3. Enter the FLV URL you get from step 2 to the blank on, move your mouse to Download the online video directly, and click Download.

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If you are using IE, click Save, when you face a pop-up window informing you to save or cancel the file. If you get a tips saying that "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked the site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options…" on the information bar, you shall click on it and choose Download File and click Download again. It is up to you to change the file name before or after the download. Change the file name when you choose folder to save the FLV video, as it generally includes long characters. Enter the name you want and remember to add .flv to the end of the file name box. If you have not changed the file name or add .flv before downloading, you can also change it after the video is completely downloaded. Make sure that the extension of the video is .flv.


If you are using FireFox, click Save, when you face a pop-up window informing you to open, save or cancel the file. The change of file name depends on the settings you specify about downloads via FireFox. Go to Tools > Options > Main > Downloads. If you choose Save files to, you can only change the file name after the download. If you choose Always ask me where to save files, you may change the file name either before or after the download. Please remember to add .flv to the end of the file name as file extension. Otherwise, the video could not be played.


If you are using Safari, you will face a pop-up window with Cancel, Open, Save button. Click Save and then you can change the file name and add .flv to the end in the file name box and click Save. You can also change the file name after the download. Please make sure to add .flv to the file name as file extension.


4. If there is no pop-up window, please right click on the link, which shows up under the Download button. Then select Save Target as in IE, or Save Link As in FireFox. Please remember to add .flv to the end of the file name box. The pop-up window issue might happen when the browser blocks the pop-up window. Generally, there will be an information bar on the top of the page. You can click on the information bar, choose Download File and then click Download again. The pop-up window will pop up soon.
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Section 2: Convert FLV to MP3

The free converter on allows you to convert YouTube video to MP3, AVI, MOV, MPG4, 3GP, WMV, WMA, AAC, MPEG1, and MPEG2. The first two steps for conversion are similar to that in the Download section, and you will get the output video URL for download via email.


1. Identify the FLV video.

FLV videos are popular among video sharing sites, blogs, etc. When you want to get the video from YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Yahoo, iFilm and so on, you are facing a lot of FLV videos. For other sites, you can distinguish the FLV video from WMV, MP4, MOV, RMVB, RM, etc through the player. WMV is with Windows Media Player, MP4 and MOV is with QuickTime Player, RMVB and RM are with RealPlayer, while the player for FLV can be customized with different styles. Right click on the player while the video is playing, you will see About Adobe Flash Player 9.


2. Get FLV URL.

For YouTube video, you can use the direct URL from the address bar or the URL information beside the playing video. For video on site except, use FLV Downloader to get the FLV URL. Click Show Browser on the FLV Downloader, enter the URL and click Go. When you see a URL appears with a checkbox, tick the checkbox in front of the URL and click Download. Then you will get the highlighted URL from a dialog box. For more information about getting FLV URL, please click here.


3. Enter the FLV URL you get on step 2, and move the mouse to Convert the online video. Choose the format according to your usage. If you want to play the video on cell phone, you can choose 3GP, MP3, AAC. Choose AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, if you want to play the video on PC, while MOV, MP4, AAC for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, etc. Choose MPEG1 for, VCD, MPEG2 for DVD and so on.

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4. Enter your email address to get the download URL of the output video and click Submit. Please make sure the email address you enter is correct, otherwise, you will not receive the email. Please also make sure that the email from is not blocked by your email server. Remember to check your junk box, as it sometimes may be marked as junk.

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You will get the following information within the email, and the converted video will be available on the server for 48 hours.

With, you can get FLV videos and convert YouTube videos to AVI, MP3 and so on without installing third party application. Keep your computer clean with the free FLV converter.